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Who We Are...

Art Company Orchestra is one of the finest dance bands in this part of the country and the perfect choice for an elegant high energy affair.  

Art Company performs throughout Ohio and neighboring states for private events, social clubs, civic and charity events, and largely for the sophisticated wedding.  

The group, led by saxophonist Art Newman, is identified as an exclusive collection of Northeast Ohio's top musicians. Art Company members have teamed together to bring their superior talent to the special events market. These musicians and vocalists have been carefully chosen by the Newman's to be in their “family?of talent. Their careers span the recording industry, international touring, television appearances, etc. Many of the band's members have gained national attention as musicians with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Paul Anka, Aretha Franklin, 10, 000 maniacs, Liquid Soul, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Blood Sweat and Tears, and many other greats. The experience of this group, both collectively and individually, speaks for itself in terms of professionalism and ability.  

Their incredible repertoire includes Big Band, Jazz Standards, Swing, Bop, Rock 'n' Roll Classics from each decade, a Motown Review, '70's '80's a and jazz combos for use at other times in the course of an event. The company can range in size from 5 pieces to 19 pieces, and are supported by a professional sound and lighting crew for larger ensembles.  

The orchestra features lead vocalist Marsha DiAnna Newman. Her rich vocal style embraces Jazz, Big Band to Blues & R & B, and mimics rock & pop hits she performs effortlessly. Her soulful voice engages the audience to stay and enjoy the evening. To learn more about Marsha, click on the “Jazz Project?page on this website.  

Through their quality and a flair for the creative, the Art Company Orchestra performs “Classic American Hits from the 1940's to today"; which encompasses Big Band, Jazz Standards, Swing, Bop, Rock 'n' Roll Classics from the 60’s 70’s, a Motown Review, contemporary music from the 90’s and today, classic ensembles as well as jazz combos and ceremony music. For our song list click (here), or contact us to inquire about the band perform YOUR song!  

The Art Company is not an agency or represented by an outside agent or manager. The company creates, manages and books all of its own events. We believe that choosing our own work, interacting directly with you, and being involved and responsible for producing what is planned brings a higher level of customized service to our customers.  

With great expectations for each event they perform, and a sincere regard for each client, the Art Company has thrilled audiences since their inception. In whatever setting you may find them, one thing is sure: your guests will enjoy great music! 

The Cleveland group performs throughout Ohio and neighboring states, primarily for weddings, country club events and private parties of all kinds. However, you may catch them at select Cleveland nightclubs throughout the year, where you'll find a packed house. They perform for Cleveland communities in their Summer Outdoor Concert Series. In winter months, the band performs concerts in schools for music department programs, relating the history of American popular music and its various styles and backgrounds.    In whatever setting you may find them, one thing is sure: you'll be hearing great sounding music! 

Art Company History 

The Art Company concept and development began in Chicago and Detroit, where Art had success previously leading a group in 1988. Together Art and Marsha had a vision to use national talent to assemble a better quality band for posh parties and select nightclubs. Providing great sounding music and a much larger scope of genres easily set them apart. They wrote all of their own musical arrangements, and a “fresh group of top shelf musicians?quickly became their identity. 

A Message from Art Newman... 

Since 1988, I have had the good fortune of working with some wonderful musicians and entertainers in Art Company. Most have chosen to continue with us, and long lasting relationships and friendships have formed. Surprisingly, many have performed with us going into 15 + years. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals who currently contribute to the group’s success. It’s been great keeping Company with you! 

Art Company Orchestra   |   PO Box 775, Aurora, OH 44202   |   330.562.5353   |   Web Design -