Much of our success is in our ability to fully service our clients in a way that surpasses our competition. Our goal is to help you create a worry- free and smooth flow to your day and evening. Below are some additional services we offer to enhance your experience, as well as some information regarding Art Company FAQ’s. We look forward to planning with you!

Flexibility with Band size

Regardless of the size of the Band / Orchestra the integrity of our music is guaranteed. Our showcase of entertainment is our 12 piece Orchestra. However, we also book in any number of pieces you desire from 4 to 16 members to accommodate a smaller venue, budget or intimate gathering.

Consultation & Creation Process

Can we all sit down together to plan out the evening’s festivities? We hope so! We rely on the planning process to get to know you. Feel free to call us at anytime throughout your planning to create and bounce ideas around. Art Company is unique in that we are completely accessible to you.

Early Set up of Equipment

Your stage is set, the lighting positioned, and a sound check has been run before your guests enter the room. While this may seem logical to you, most bands and orchestras agree to be set up only one hour before their contracted start time! We believe this leaves too much preparation to the last minute. The key to a smooth evening begins by starting preparations early at the venue. We choose not to charge for this additional time spent. We believe this service contributes to our standards of excellence. 

Please keep in mind it takes our crew 3 hours to set up and a full sound check.

Professional Sound Engineers

Venues range from intimate settings to large ballrooms, and have different acoustics. Art Company Orchestra is accompanied by at least one professional sound engineer on every performance. Our professional sound engineers ensure the proper volume and mix all evening, from the dinner set to the final number.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Art Company Orchestra uses only the best in sound equipment with Bose technology which boasts the highest quality sound with a sleek size and design. Our high quality wireless microphones allow us to move about your crowd!


Attention to Timeline

Because your reception agenda is critical to a smooth musical show we will work closely with your wedding coordinator throughout the evening. If you do not have a professional wedding planner, one of our planners will work closely with you to devise the perfect working timeline of events for your evening’s entertainment. You can share this timeline with your Caterer and Photographer. This is a valuable tool for a smooth evening, and is a complimentary service to you.

Professional Wedding Planner

Our sister company is The Perfect Choice Wedding Planners. We are a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants and have over 25 years experience in designing and directing Cleveland weddings. Our staff of planners and day-of coordinators can help you move seamlessly through your wedding weekend. For more information visit www.theperfectchoiceweddings.com

Marsha Newman of the Art Company Orchestra is also a certified wedding planner, and is available to you to coordinate music and other aspects of your wedding! Marsha possesses a wealth of knowledge that will prove to be extremely helpful to you. Please call our office for more information.

Master of Ceremonies (EMCEE)

Within the Art Company we have 2 professional announcers, both of which are adept at following your timeline of events and adapting to the needs of the evening with grace and ease.

"Please Play"/"Do NOT Play"

Yes, we encourage you to go through our song list and let us know your preferences! We are happy to personalize our play list to your tastes.

Crowd Requests

We offer a selection of Ethnic music for weddings. We have beautifully arranged medleys of music for the Jewish wedding; the Italian wedding, and the Irish wedding. And as always, if there is a song that would make your evening perfect please contact us and we will work with you to accommodate requests.

Ethnic Music

We offer a selection of Ethnic music for weddings. We have beautifully arranged medleys of music for the Jewish wedding; the Italian wedding, and the Irish wedding. And as always, if there is a song that would make your evening perfect please contact us and we will work with you to accommodate requests.

Ceremony Music

Ceremony music is available from our experienced professionals. With the variety of instruments and endless options you’re sure to find exactly what you need with the Art Company’s Strings and Specialty Ensembles. Some choices are string ensembles, harp, flute, guitar, piano, and vocalist, and more.


Cocktail, Dinner and Rehearsal Dinner Music

Our small ensembles set a “classic and elegant?mood for your cocktail hour or dinner party! We have some of the notable names in jazz in Cleveland who will impress your audience with great sounding jazz for cocktails or dinner. Or you may opt for classic strings or lilting harp for your dinner. Use your creativity and speak with our office for other ideas and options. If you are unsure of what you’d like our wedding planning professionals will work with you to identify the atmosphere you’re looking for!

They’re playing "Our Song"?

Do you have a special song you would like played at your reception? Can’t find it on our song list? The Art Company Orchestra will prepare and perform it for you! Our rendition of your favorite song will exceed your expectations and leave a sentimental and lasting memory!

Customized Music

Art Company Orchestra has an immense repertoire of songs and is able to adapt to many genres of music! Our staff arrangers and musicians are able to compose an original piece for you if you would like to have something to call your own. Commissioned pieces are priced according to their complexity; require a minimum of 3 months lead time and your idea of course! A studio recording of your very own song is our gift to you!

Continuous Music/Breaks

In a four hour engagement there are three 15 minute breaks. The timing of these breaks will be discussed with you to optimize our playing time. We supply prerecorded background music during breaks. From the time your guests enter the room there is no “dead time?

We offer several additional options for providing continuous live music throughout your event. Ask about our duo show, trios, “buying back?individual or all breaks. (Having the band play straight through.)

Band DJ combination Performances

Yes! We actually have our own DJ in the Art Company. He is able to DJ on breaks, play your favorite CDs, or even create a “break set?of music for you.

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Custom CD Projects

We offer CD compilation services to our clients to better serve them. Many couples choose to create a wedding CD as guest favors. Other times clients would like a CD made for use on band breaks.

Various Band Attire Options

Our formalwear is “black tie? meaning black tuxedo with white tuxedo shirt and…black tie. We also carry a platinum vest and hand tie combination. Smart “casual?outfits are available for casual and outdoor events as well. Please inquire.

Special Lighting

Yes, we supply stage lighting! Lighting technicians can also create a lighting scheme to complement your room, colors, bridal table, as well as the band’s stage at an additional charge.

Audio & Videotaping Services

We have a videographer and a recording audio engineer who create high quality video or live audio recordings as keepsakes of your reception. They are professionals with television and studio technician backgrounds. Please speak with us if this service is of interest to you.

Vendor Meal

A vendor meal is appropriate. It is usually an inexpensive plated meal, deli buffet or sandwich with a side dish and an assortment of soft drinks. Your caterer will be able to make suggestions. A private “green room?is our preference, where we are able to store our belongings, warm up, and take our breaks.


Understudies & Alternate Players

What happens if a performer can’t make it to a performance due to illness? We have suitable “alternate?players for each singer and instrument. Great care has been taken to ensure these professionals are familiar with our show.

Overtime/Contracted Time

Most weddings are booked for a standard 4 hour time frame. There is usually a price reduction for 3 hours. We are happy to play for longer and shorter periods, and of course we will continue playing if the party is going past your contracted time! We only ask that you determine the overtime before the last half hour of contracted end-time so we are prepared to modify the flow of the evenings end.
If your contract is for 4 hours, 30 minutes of overtime is 1/8 the base price of the band! Easy math! We will work with you ahead of time to create a best estimate for the time needed in our consultation.

Charges for Services

Most events are in the $1500.00-$6000.00 range. Our pricing matrix determines the charges for a performance, and is based on the following factors: month, day of the week, size of band, and hours of performance. Additional charges may apply for travel outside of North East Ohio.

Remember: January through April is considered off season and rates are lower.

Please contact our office for pricing that fits your particular event.


We require a deposit of 50% of the contracted price to secure your date along with your signed contract. The remaining balance is due by the date of your event.

We accept all major credit cards!


Art Company Orchestra   |   PO Box 775, Aurora, OH 44202   |   330.562.5353